Sunday, February 06, 2005

Orrin Woodward - Business Owner

When you start your own independent business, isn't it fair to say that you don’t know what you don’t know? (Yes, it is.)

In other words, you may know a lot about what you do now and you may be extremely good at it. You know nothing about our business when you begin. That's just a fact.

I know it sounds harsh, but think about it.

In my experience, the most successful people I talk to – those who have already built large, successful "B" type businesses (like Orrin Woodward) have always acknowledged that fact. They acknowledge their ignorance! And therein lies a great secret to their success.

Every successful person I have studied has applied these three steps to their lives: First, they clearly DEFINE what they want. Second, they find someone who already has the results they want (and is willing to teach what they know) and LEARN from them. Finally, they DO what they have learned. Pretty simple.

I did those three steps backwards. I DID an Engineering degree, I LEARNED what an engineer did when I went to work, and I DEFINED my lifestyle based on what somebody else thought I was worth. Crazy huh? But I didn't know any better.

I wasn’t getting the results in life I wanted. Orrin was.

I asked Orrin for help and he introduced me to his business. I followed his advice and we have never looked back. I just wish I could have discovered this business when I was 18 years old!