Monday, March 20, 2006

Orrin Woodward on Prosperity

In his book "Conversations with Millionaires", Mike Litman includes transcripts of his interviews with several successful people, one of whom is Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the "Chicken Soup...." books.

Listen to what MVH has to say about prosperity. "Prosperity is a Latin word. It means 'to be in the flow'. And everyone of us is in the flow when we are thinking right, talking right, acting right and living right. We get the right results, right here and right now. And when you think negatively, you're into immobilization. When you're thinking positively and correctly, you're into mobilization and you start taking right action to get right results!"

Now the concept of prosperity isn't taught in any schools that I know of. Yet it is what we all really be in the flow of 'good'. My own experience confirms what Hansen says here. It's really all about thinking. What you are, what you are becoming, starts with how you think.

It's great to know we can pick up a book or listen to a tape/CD to discover how people from all walks of life, including a man as successful as Orrin Woodward....... think.