Thursday, March 23, 2006

Orrin Woodward - An Enemy Called Average

In his dynamic book An Enemy Called Average John Mason writes, "Average people compare themselves with others, but we should always compare ourselves with what we are called to be."

You and I can always find someone richer than we are or poorer than we are, healthier than we are or sicker than we are, taller than we are or shorter than we are. I hope you realize that however others "are" has no effect on what you are to be.

You are unique. You are one of a kind. Trying to copy others is to cheat yourself out of the fullness of what you are called to be and to do. As Mason says, "Imitation is limitation."

As Orrin Woodward would say, "We are not to be copies. We are, each one of us, born an original." "My prayer for you is that you decide to accept and become all you were created to be. I'll be cheering you on!" says Orrin Woodward.