Monday, March 21, 2005

Orrin woodward of Team - Possibility Thinking

In any type of business, the most valuable ideas are those that make money, save money, save time, or improve the way things are done. Every improvement, however slight, is a step in the right direction. Being alert for opportunities to improve things is a function of a positive attitude.

Orrin Woodward is a great example of having a positive attitude. He has taken a good idea, fixed the difficulties and taken it mainstream. That's why the Team is exploding. Because one man refused to get stuck on the downside.

It is virtually impossible to think creatively about opportunities when your thoughts are concentrated on the downside risk instead of the upside potential. As you search for ways to improve, or to find a better, faster, or more economical way to perform a task or build a product, by all means analyze and minimize the risks but focus on the possibilities.