Sunday, March 27, 2005

Orrin Woodward of Team - Extra

Saw this by Napoleon Hill and it reminded me of Orrin Woodward:


It’s well and good to feel as though you have changed the attitude with which you render extra effort, but if that effort is in truth no more than anyone else’s, then you aren’t doing yourself much good.

You need to examine yourself and others to understand just what it is that will make you stand out. If there are standards, exceed them. If you’re fulfilling an agreement, make sure you do more than you promised.

You cannot confine extra-mile service to your work alone. You must make it part of your philosophy for dealing with every person you encounter. Imagine how others will be delighted to find that you are the type of person who not only does what is promised but even delivers more. The true benefit of going the extra mile is in teaching yourself to strive always for better and greater achievement in all that you do."

In all my dealings with Orrin Woodward, he has consistently "gone the extra mile". It's one of the secrets to his success. And it can be one of yours as well.