Sunday, April 24, 2005

Orrin Woodward of Team - Mental Attitude

Saw this post on the Napoleon Hill site:


"Without a strong foundation built on positive character traits, success will not long endure. It is virtually impossible to fake good character. Phonies are quickly spotted because they haven't the substance and determination to maintain the charade.

Developing good character begins with a positive attitude. Your desire to be a good, decent, honest, considerate person must first take place in your mind. When you make the decision to become a person of character, you will also find that you are much more willing to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do."

Orrin Woodward is a man of character - that is why his success and the success of the Team will endure. Orrin decided to become a person of character and has led many to make that same decision. I'm proud to be part of such a great Team of people.