Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Call for American's To Finally Stand Up And Lead!

Can you feel the excitement? We are just 35 days away from the premier of Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille's "Call for American's to finally stand up and lead." That cry for freedom comes in a work of literary genius they have appropriately titled "LeaderShift."

What's causing all the buzz you might ask?

Well you might have noticed America is facing some troubled times. Hidden between the covers of this incredible work is a parable that addresses the issues we face in a manner that everyone can understand. It supplies us with an explanation of the "Five Laws of Decline" that have led to the demise of every great civilization since the dawn of time and how to address the erosion that currently threatens our freedom in a non-partisan, logical way.

Imagine if you will the innovation of thought when two minds of this caliber are melded into solution mode!

Oliver DeMille is a noted educator, personally mentored by the late, great Cleon Skousen. He's also a founder and previous president of George Wythe University. An incredible author in his own right, his works include...

Leadership Education
A Thomas Jefferson Education
The Student Whisperer
The Coming Aristocracy
The Four Lost American Ideals
Freedom Shift

It's apparent by his body of work he's passionate about both education and freedom! His lectures strike a chord with attending audiences and move them with passion toward a clear and concise conclusion that a self directed education is mandatory to maintain our freedoms. His love and appreciation of the history that led to the founding of this great nation is communicated masterfully to those who are graced by his teachings. I've found Oliver's (and his wife Rachel) company one of the most impressionable experiences in my journey down the road of life.

As if this isn't powerful enough, consider the brain trust when this is added!

Orrin Woodward is a systems trained, recovering engineer, who graduated from Kettering University, holds four United States patents and an exclusive National Benchmarking Award for technical product analysis.  His highly acclaimed blog ( has been awarded...

All Top Leadership Blog Selection...One of HR's Top 100 Blogs for Management and Leadership, and the International Association of Business Top 10 Leadership Sites.

Somehow he also manages to author books! Consider this body of work....

Co-wrote the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Weekly, and Money Magazine best seller Launching A Leadership Revolution

Authored- Resolved 13 Resolutions For Life, and has co-authored several more.

Do you think he has a passion for leadership?

Orrin's writing, video, audio, and speaking engagements are life changing teaching principles that have affected the lives of countless individuals and families. He's a voracious reader and a hungry student of history, leadership, and any topic related to the improvement of self. I can attest that his passion is directed in serving others and the restoration of this nation to the principled world leader it was designed to be. My daily interaction with Orrin (and his wife Laurie) has been both a blessing and an influence like no other.

So is your copy of LEADERSHIFT preordered?

Be the first one on your block to hold the solution to the leadership void our nation fights everyday in the palm of your hands!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill