Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on Reading

"A man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read." - Samuel Clemens

If you're not a reader, then what Mark Twain is saying here should hit you like a cold slap in the face.  A lot of people you and I know almost proudly proclaim that they "haven't read a book since high school"!  Amazing! That's like saying "Let me tell you how stupid I really am. Even though I have the ability to read, I don't, and I'm proud of that!"

You have time to do what you choose to do. The more you read, the better you read -- and the more you enjoy it.  One of the most attractive elements of the MonaVie Team leaders is their passion for reading.  And it shows  - in their writing as they share their experinces and views with us in their books and on their blogs.

People who don't read cheat themselves. By not reading, you limit what you can achieve, make mistakes you could avoid, and miss opportunities that could improve your life. Soon, as the gaps in your knowledge will become apparent to you and to others. Think about that.
Why read?
Read to learn the lessons of history.
Read to keep up with the issues.
Read to understand why others succeed.
Read to avoid mistakes others have made.
Read for your personal enjoyment.
Read to familiarize yourself with what interests others.
Read to increase your value to an employer.
Read to improve your vocabulary.
Read good writing to learn to write well yourself.
Read to share wisdom with others.
Read to lead.

Read to improve your life. Whatever your circumstances, YOU created them by the accumulation of decisions you have made over time. Question: Would your decsions possibly have yeilded bettter results if you had had more and better quality information on hand when you made them? 

The great news is that your future decisions can be better decisions.  Why not make one now and decide to be a reader?