Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Code of Conduct

On page 140 of Jeffrey Marx’ book “Seasons of Life”, we find that Joe Erhmann’s code of conduct revolves around four masculinity traits which Joe claims form ”the moral and ethical foundation” of a man built for others. As I read, I couldn’t help but think of the MonaVie Team leaders - men truly built for others, who

Accept responsibility.
Lead courageously.
Enact justice on behalf of others.
Expect God’s greater rewards.

I encourage you to get the book to read what he has to say about these traits. It will be food for thought. I’ve personally watched many Team MonaVie leaders accept responsibility, lead courageously and enact justice. That’s what the Team is all about - teaching men to embrace these traits themselves by taking advantage of the Team training system which levels the playing field for anyone with the courage to want to improve their life.

As far as expecting God’s greater rewards, let me quote from the book as to what Joe meant by that. Here’s Joe explaining it to Jeff: (p145) “I think there is a time when God is going to reward people that were relationally just and lived a life filled with cause. You don’t need to “get it all” in this world. You can say “no” to an awful lot of things (italics his) so that you can be focused on other people. Ultimately, there is a day of reckoning. And that is for all eternity. You don’t have to have the biggest house, the biggest car, all that kind of stuff once you get there, and by knowing that, by expecting God’s greater rewards, you can free up your time and energy to be about other people, to be about your causes.”

A few years ago, two men - Dallin Larsen and Orrin Woodward decided to be about other people and to be about their cause – creating, with God’s grace and hard work, the best business on the planet. It's the best because it gives everyone an equal opportunity and a proven game-plan or receipe, that when followed, creates success.

When they got started, Dallin and Orrin didn’t necessarily expect great rewards; but they did decide to share whatever rewards came with others. Take a moment to research the MORE Project, and All Grace Outreach. They did expect that God would be true to his character and would be just. And of course, God is.

Because these men had great vision, were willing to take responsibility, lead courageously, and were willing to teach others to do the same, the MonaVie Team will one day be a household word.

Question: Are YOU a man built for others? Or maybe I should just ask, Are you a Man?