Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Orrin Woodward and the Power of Focus

With the rapidly changing times that we live in today and the competitive unsecure workforce that our country is engulfed in, it is important to grasp a hold of a business model that will produce passive residual income to create stability, security and options. The Teams business system is available to those who are looking for a way to produce additional monies on top of their current job, and the system will enable many to leave their jobs if that is the mark they are shooting for. The system is an immaculately created machine that is churning out financial free independent business owner’s time in and time out. The key ingredient to this system is focus. Orrin Woodward has designed an impenetrable business model that will work so long as the individual works it. The IBO has to zero in on their goal and submit themselves to the system daily to attain the victories that are awaiting them. Learning to “see it with your minds eye,” is required for any IBO with a dream looking to advance themselves or other people in their teams through the Teams training process. Many new IBOs to the Teams business model are not readily equipped with this trait as they have been spawned by the media in America to lead lives that they cannot afford to live. Americans have been trained to think that “if they want it, they can have it,” after all, that is why they invented credit cards is it not? Americans are quick to take out a loan on a boat, or finance a computer due to their lack of will to wait until they have the disposable income to pay cash. This instant gratification mentality has swooped across our nation and the result is an average of $8,000 of credit card debt among the average American family. The Titanic is sinking, and we are straightening the chairs on the deck. In order for anyone to achieve success in this lifetime, they need to do a 180 with their thinking habits and learn to focus their thoughts and energy in the opposite direction.

Orrin Woodward teaches people that ‘delayed gratification’ is the only way to the top in any field. Think of your wealth as a snowball that you are starting to roll to create a snowman: When you first start to roll the ball of snow, it takes a while to build and increase in size, and after consistent effort and patience, the snowball will eventually reach a point of no control where each roll of the ball yields 100 times the effort put in at the early stages in the beginning. Orrin Woodward has explained that those who do not practice delayed gratification are those who take breaks and eat the snow while the ball is just beginning to take shape. This kills all chance of momentum and will undoubtedly create stagnation and undesirable results in ones life. The Teams system, if applied, will develop skill sets that are totally different than those that are developed and promoted via the mass media outlets in America. Everywhere you turn your head, whether on TV, the Radio, the Newspaper, a Magazine, or an Internet advertisement, we are told that we can have this and that with ‘no money down.’ We are programmed to believe that we deserve a new snowmobile, and we are taught to think that we have earned it with all the hard work we have done. The fact is this; if you do not have cash to pay for the new toy you are dreaming of, then you have not earned it. Living your life in debt will create unwanted stress and a lack of happiness will surely develop within your family starting with you spouse. “Unhappy wife, unhappy life.” Not to say that money can buy happiness, because it cannot. However, it will prevent stress due to the accumulation of interest that hits you month in month out due to all of the plastic you store in your wallet. The next time you feel an urge to make an emotional purchase for a new toy, car etc., creeping up inside of you, turn your thoughts on the Teams training system and focus your efforts on the results that you are shooting for. Once attained, you will be able to purchase all the toys money can buy, have the freedom to wake up to the sound of your kids playing at the foot of your bed, live stress free (aka: debt free), and have the time and money to help other people achieve the same results as you.