Friday, February 16, 2007

an orrin woodward case study - fred harteis

“Fred Harteis is doing one of the toughest jobs in the nation. And Fred’s doing it as a volunteer. This spirit of volunteerism and Fred Harteis’ generosity of spirit should serve as an example to us all. It requires great strength of character of put the interests of the group ahead of your own. Fred Harteis has that character. Fred is president of 2004 Independent Business Owners Association board.” – Orrin Woodward

Woodward: Fred what do you see as the primary role of IBOAI?

Fred Harteis: (IBOAI), Independent Business Owners Association Int’l, is dedicated to representing the interests of IBO’s, independent business owners powered by Quixtar.

Orrin Woodward: Was IBOAI founded in 1999 with launch of Quixtar Inc?

Harteis: Independent Business Owners have been represented by this board for more than 45 years, Orrin.

Orrin Woodward: That’s a little before my time, Fred.

Harteis: 45 years, means the IBOAI and its board dates back to the time of Rich DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation, Orrin.

Orrin: Fred, I’ve heard your focused leadership style compared to Vince Lombardi’s.

Fred Harteis: Lombardi is an excellent role model in sports and business.

Orrin Woodward: I understand the sports analogy. The concept of TEAM is very important to me, too. But why in business, Fred?

Fred Harteis: Lombardi’s work ethic is as critical to business success as it is in building teams, Orrin.

Woodward: You have an incredible recall of motivational ideas, Fred. What’s one of your favorite Lombardi motivational reminder?

Harteis: Work comes to mind. Lombardi said that the only place success before work is in the dictionary. And he’s right. That thought gave me great encouragement when I was a young business man. I wasn’t sure that I was the smartest person who ever chose to go into business. But I knew that I could make the decision that no one would out work me.

Orrin: Why was that important, Fred?

Harteis: Because that was something that was within my control. It’s self deception to expect your ship to come in, if you haven’t sent one out.

Woodward: Any other team leadership wisdom to share, Fred?

Fred Harteis: Yes, Orrin. Faith, hard work, mentorship along with the right business vehicle - anything is possible in America. The American Dream lives.

Bonus Statement

Harteis Information: Harteis owns several global companies like Harteis International and a powerful technology firm, Biznet Productions.

Orrin Woodward Information: Orrin Woodward is co-founder of TEAM