Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Achievers have Self-Discipline - Thoughts from Orrin Woodward

Written by Orrin Woodward

What do all great achievers have in common? During my life-long study of high achievers, and especially during these past few years while I have been building the Team, I have discovered one common trait that stands out above all others. Every great achiever has amazing self-discipline. What is self-discipline? Here are a few synonyms – self-control, discipline, willpower, restraint, strength of mind, strength of will, self-will.

I am regularly amazed by the number of people looking for shortcuts on their way to success. There is no quick or easy path to accomplishing any great achievement – at least no path I have discovered. Outstanding success is realized by disciplining yourself for longer periods of time and at a greater level when compared to your peers. And with discipline, your success over time begins to compound itself. It has been said that the toughest million you will ever earn is the first million dollars – and I agree with that statement. Olympic athletes, to the person, have amazing discipline when it comes to preparing, training and continuously visualizing.

There is no easy way to achieve great things - I recommend you introduce the habit of self discipline into your daily life, and grow to your potential.