Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quixtar Team DCI's Billy Florence Corrects Internet Critic Scott Larsen

Scott Larsen has unjustly attacked another diamond Billy Florence. Billy Florence is the past president of the IBOAI and one of the most respected leaders in the Quixtar business. Scott Larsen does not understand the basics of the Quixtar marketing plan. Scott’s analysis of Billy Florence’s SA-4400 was filled with logical errors and mathematical mistakes. This is the second diamond that has spelled out in detail Scott Larsen’s misleading commentary and outright errors. Interestingly, Scott Larsen has not retracted his article or offered a public apology for his inappropriate behavior. Stay tuned as the story unfolds. Here is Billy's letter.

Dear Mr. Larsen:

I have recently taken the time to review some the statements and information you have published about my business and me on While I respect your right to express opinions and beliefs, making false and damaging statements about my business and me is entirely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the number of errors you make about my business and our entire business model demonstrates your lack of understanding of that business model. There are fundamental facts known to any established IBO, which you either don’t know or badly mangle. These "fundamental facts" are also easily accessible and could have been checked and verified prior to your posting. You present yourself as an expert source, but in fact you have merely taken a few facts grossly out of context and combined that distortion with directly false information. This is also completely unacceptable.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the accurate facts relative to the false information you have posted, and to demand that you correct the record immediately. Specifically, your post, dated January 30, 2005, contains false and misleading information, including the following:
The "custom SA-4400" to which you refer is a document prepared for my organization in cooperation with Quixtar and is copyrighted by Quixtar. I did not stamp a Quixtar copyright on the document. Please refer to the enclosed Statement from Quixtar for accurate information about the document.

You erroneously assert that an IBO with two qualifying legs must have at least 2500 PV in side volume to qualify for the leadership bonus. There has never been a side volume requirement to be eligible for the leadership bonus when an IBO has two qualifying legs. The accurate information is readily available by simply reading the Independent Business Ownership Plan, a copy of which is no doubt in your possession.

Near the beginning of your post, you accurately state that the SA-4400 "shows an income potential of $56,940 earned over 24 months or more." Conversely, later in your post you indicate that the form highlights a potential income stream of "$56,940/year." The plain language of the example contained in the SA-4400 provides that the $56,940 cumulative cash awards are "earned over a period of 24 months or more." The inconsistencies can only serve to confuse the reader.

You further state, falsely, that an IBO with two qualifying legs and 7500 PV in side volume would generate "at most $750/month" in leadership bonus. The correct figures may be ascertained by making a simple computation from the information provided in the SA-4400.
You claim that the Quixtar approved and copyrighted SA-4400 is "overly deceptive" and that by using the form I am deceiving others who rely in the information provided. However, the issues you raise are not subject to any meaningful debate because the underlying facts you use to support your premise are false and misleading.

Like others, I have undertaken the onerous task of reviewing your Web site and other locations for other false and misleading information you have published. If such information is found, I will also demand that you correct the record where appropriate.

I am demanding that, on or before January 17, 2006, you remove all of the foregoing false and misleading statements and information from your Web site or any other site or medium where they may appear. In addition, I am demanding that you promptly confirm to me, in writing, that you have taken such action.

I will not stand by and allow you to continue disparaging me with false and damaging statements and information. Your conduct has caused me damage and has damaged my business. If you fail to remove all of the false information and correct the record, I will take any and all measures to obtain the redress to which I am entitled.


Billy Florence