Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady - another book

You've got to wonder how he does it. First, Orrin Woodward helps rocket the Team business across the nation, then he writes two very successful, best-selling books to teach the specifics of what he did and then the principles of leadership that it required. Now, the rumor mill has it that he has teamed up with partner Chris Brady once again to bring a new, Team-specific book to the world. This next book is rumored to be a compilation of articles and essays both Woodward and Brady have prepared for various reasons over the years while building their businesses. My source tells me, however, that there will also be some never-before-released material included, as well.
If this output is anything like the others, those of us that appreciate electronic commerce and the new economy have something to look forward to! More on this as I get more information.